Founded in year 1986, Jewelry Improvements is a leading provider of fine contemporary metal jewelry. They offer bits in the most current materials, like black diamond ceramic and titanium. The business is also recognized for their exceptional worth and design and style. They also offer a remarkable warranty method that addresses loss and damage to their products. In addition , there is a special 30/30/30 discount method for retailers.

Jewelry Improvements aficionados will prefer the company’s attention to detail and innovation. They feature unique bits, such as the best of both realms tungsten and niobium wedding bands, as well as the company’s patented fine jewelry metal, Serinium(r). The company as well manufactures semi-mount rings, bracelet and bracelets. Aside from their very own flagship lines, they also offer an array of unique and beautiful involvement rings.

You’re able to send patented and bestselling tungsten and niobium series features interchangeable in-lays and inner relaxation fits. These rings will be for sale in widths which range from four to eight millimeters. They are also included in Jewelry Innovations‘ renowned guarantee program.

The company’s signature collection is the top-of-the-line in both style and quality. They provide the latest in technology, with their flagship line of tungsten and niobium pieces showcasing an interior comfort match, interchangeable in-lays, and a unique magnetic clasp. The company’s one of a kind fusion technology also causes them to be the leading company of trademarked jewelry made from niobium, which is hypoallergenic and durable. Besides their signature line of tungsten and niobium jewelry, they also offer designs in titanium, titanium/niobium and tungsten/niobium hybrids.

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